The past year has been one joyful experience after another, including gigging for a month in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, touring near Charlottesville, Virginia, and playing my hometown of Kansas City.  Through my travels I have been fortunate to meet and hang with some of the best people on the planet!  To all of them, thanks for your friendship and warmth.  I will be returning to Mexico again in February and March. Watch for gig listings there and come down and hang with me on the island!  I have two beautifully produced CDs for sale!

My latest release “Easyville – American Stories” was recently reviewed by Michael Byars, music coordinator at KCUR 89.3fm in Kansas City:
“There couldn't be a better-titled album than "Easyvillle - American Stories", as Mark Montgomery offers eleven gentle tales of acoustic balladry that share the sounds of blues, folk, and country. At times wistful, other times jaunty, but always heartfelt, Montgomery delivers with vocals and arrangements that are smooth as the honey he sells on the side. Dust off the porch, chill a few beverages, invite some friends over, and let "Easyville - American Stories" be the soundtrack to shared good times.”

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the website of Enneagram recording artist Mark Montgomery.
Mark plays a variety of instruments including bass, guitar, and harmonica.
One of Kansas City’s premier songwriters, Mark has produced two independent CD’s and  has been a guest on numerous recordings by other artists.  In 2009 Mark joined Enneagram Records and co-producedTown Topic with Max Berry.  Later that year he and filmmaker Michael Loftus co-produced a music video the title track.
Mark and guitarist Max Berry formed a duo in 2008 to compete in the annual International Blues Competition in Memphis Tennessee.  As finalists, they were sponsored by the Kansas City Blues Society in 2009 and 2010. While working some regular gigs in Kansas City, 

Mark and Max look forward to recording new music and touring the U.S. and abroad in the next year.

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to check out my YOUTUBE PAGE