Feb 4 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown
Feb 18 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown

MARCH 2020
March 3 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown
March 14 - Mark plays bass for Brian Ruskin Trio at Jazz Independence 6 to 10 pm
March 17 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown
March 21 - Mark plays solo at Englewood Cool @ Englewood, KS    8 to Midnight
March 31 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown

April 7 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown
April 14 - Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown

 First and third Tuesdays: Mark plays solo at Jazz Midtown 

​Email Mark for more information concerning any of these dates

Hello friends and music lovers!
I am pleased to announce my participation again this year in the 2020 International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee in January. The finals for the Kansas City Blues Society elimination will be held at Knuckleheads. If I make it through this next round I will be on my way to Memphis again to do my best work. Thanks to Lowell Burress and the Kansas City Blues Society for their hard work and dedication to the blues music, fans, and musicians who put their butts in the chairs at our gigs. I am honored have the possibility to represent Kansas City, home of the blues in the IBC again this year.


  After a complete loss of livestock in 2018, I have replenished my Apiary with donations from so many of my dear friends in the spring of this year. North American beekeepers experienced losses in 2018 from 40% to 100% as reported by the media. Honeybees are in trouble now, and it is vitally important to human survival that we work toward a sustainable situation where they are not threatened by pollution, poison, and a lack of ample forage for nectar, which becomes honey. 

This summer, after establishing roughly 12 new colonies I moved them to Burdett, Kansas for a clover field that bloomed for about three weeks. This gave them enough honey to re-establish populations and hive strength. In mid-July I moved them up to La Farge, Wisconsin for the remainder of summer. This gives them a better chance of survival, as the summers have become very hot and dry in, and around Kansas City.

Now, instead of honey production my priority is to maintain good healthy bees with the hope of getting them to survive the coming fall and winter. I am in the process of breeding new queens from my healthiest colonies in Wisconsin. I am torn because of the use of fuel it takes to maintain the bees. But I have found it necessary to take extra steps to insure their well-being and survival. I am deeply grateful to all my friends and patrons who have shown their love for my cause. I continue to seek donations for the gas money it takes. Thanks for your support. I have honey for sale.  
For more information please send me a message on email: markmontgomerymusic@yahoo.com

I am very pleased to announce the release of my latest work: ~Difficult Man~ on the Love Honey 
Record label. My heart-felt gratitude goes to all who have woven their magic into my recordings. Thanks to Lynn Allred, Max Berry, Denny Osburn, Brian Ruskin, Caleb Aldrich, Brandon Hudspeth, Thomas Freight Train Walker, and Amanda Fish for your soul contributions to my work!  
The CD Release Party at Knucklehead's sold out! Thanks to my many friends who continue to support my musical endeavors.

If you would like to purchase hard copies of Difficult Man I will be happy to mail anywhere in the U.S. or abroad where possible.
If you would like to download Difficult Man, click https://markmontgomerymusic.bandcamp.com/
and choose to download the entire recording or individual favorites. You can listen before you buy!

Live music heals the heart and soul, not only for the listeners but for the performers as well. 
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